Italian Style in Kuwait | Colosseum in Fire – Art performance in Rome
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Colosseum in Fire – Art performance in Rome

Colosseum in fire

Thyra Hilden and Pio Diaz, put Roman amphitheatre in virtual flames and it was culmination of a long-running project using video projections of wild fires to make landmark buildings appear to be burning. The performance started at 16th of September 2010. Rome celebrated the 50th anniversary of 1960 Rome Olympic Games.
The Colosseum, which first opened in 80 AD and housed bloody public spectacles including gladiator fights, mock sea battles and animal shows, is one of the most famous monuments from the ancient world.

Hilden said the artists had always targeted the archaeological treasure as the stage for their show due to its cultural significance.

“The Colosseum in our eyes is the strongest symbol of Western culture,” she said. “When you put these manmade constructions, these icons under threat, it shakes our reality and roots.”


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