Italian Style in Kuwait | Massimo Izzo. High-style jewellery
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Massimo Izzo. High-style jewellery

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The famous jeweler Massimo Izzo collects traditions, mysteries and magic of Sicily and it reveals the ancient secrets through the forms and materials that give life to his exclusive jewelry .

Sicilian jeweler can create unique and timeless treasures that recall the atmosphere of sea and countryside, celebrating the generous nature of this land.
The island of Ortigia is the core of this diamond, the greek poet Pindar called it as the birthplace of Artemis extolling the beauty, colors, fragrances and flavors.

Massimo Izzo’s creations come to life thanks to ancient jewelry techniques and traditions that are lost in the mists of time: corals, precious stones, gold and natural materials are carefully shaped, giving birth to jewelry dall’allure magical and enchanting.

Its surrounding coral starfish, seahorses become the diamond and play with flair and theatrical masks ancient coins.

These precious princely collections evoke ancient worlds that made and make that dream world including the high aristocracy and the value of these jewels is so high that even the Christie’s has beaten several times some of the most valuable pieces in front of a sophisticated and exclusive clientele, a frequent visitor to his studio to Taormina and the permanent showcase ‘inside the famous Hotel Ritz Paris, Place Vendôme.

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