Italian Style in Kuwait | Gaetano Pesce “Tavola Italia 2011” – Italian Style
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Gaetano Pesce “Tavola Italia 2011” – Italian Style

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Italian President Giorgio Napoletano during the presentation of Tavola Italia 2011

This very nice project is Cassina by Gaetano Pesce – design that celebrates 150 years of the Unification of Italy. For the first time it was presented in Milan 2010 Design Village Zona Tortona.

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Sessantuna is a name of collection of sixty-one tables, commemorating the event, numbered pieces in the order in which the territories of the peninsula were united in 1861.

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Sessantuna (sixty one in italian language) pays tribute to Italy praising femininity.

The sixty-one tables in the collection, ideally when reassembled, outline the shape of the boot of the Italian peninsula and its islands, its rugged coastline, the seas, while a special edition of five tables are the places where the unit is complete and that the history of the Risorgimento were protagonists: Marsala for the landing of a Thousand, Teano for the historic meeting between the King Vittorio Emanuele II and Garibaldi, Torino, the first capital of the Kingdom, for the Cinque Giornate Milan and Genoa, place Mameli in which he composed the national anthem.

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Work is certainly relevant and exclusive pieces composed of similar but different from each other, cast resin through an innovative process that allows a blend of colors never the same, furnishing at the discretion of the original buyer may be screen printed with a phrase of your choice with the handwriting of the Master Gaetano Pesce.
Once again, the collaboration between art and the avant-garde of Gaetano Pesce Cassina production processes proves to be a successful choice that pays tribute, with originality and creative flair, in a historical event of the utmost importance.
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Gaetano Pesce and Cassina returns to the table Sansone that was very popular in Italy, now discontinued, proposing it in sixty-standard models, customized and colored resin. Tables and home accessories from independent and adjustable legs that you can embellish with screen prints, Cassina available at retailers worldwide and can be purchased either directly or through on-line offerings. An original way to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Italy .

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