Italian Style in Kuwait | Missoni Hotel in Edinburgh – Photogallery
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Missoni Hotel in Edinburgh – Photogallery

Missoni Hotel Edinburgh(1)

As you probably know, italian company Missoni is famous for its bright and colorful fabrics and knitwear. Designers meticulously maintained corporate brand identity – sheets, tablecloths, napkins and even entirely in zigzags and stripes.
I am waiting to the great opening of Missoni Hotel in Kuwait, to see this spectacular interior design but till now no news.
Just let me show through these pictures how looks Missoni Hotel in Edinburgh where was opened the first one from international hotel chain. Six-storey building in the Royal Mile is square in shape and fits nicely in the city of ancient architecture.

Missoni Hotel Edinburgh(2)

Missoni Hotel Edinburgh(3)

Missoni Hotel Edinburgh(4)

Missoni Hotel Edinburgh(5)

Missoni Hotel Edinburgh(6)

Missoni Hotel Edinburgh(7)

Missoni Hotel Edinburgh(8)

Missoni Hotel Edinburgh(9)

Missoni Hotel Edinburgh(10)

Missoni Hotel Edinburgh(11)

Missoni Hotel Edinburgh(12)

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