Italian Style in Kuwait | The biggest labyrinth in the world – project of Franco Maria Ricci
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The biggest labyrinth in the world – project of Franco Maria Ricci

Franco Maria Ricci in his house with a plan of Labytinth. Copyright.


Marquise Franco Maria Ricci is an editor, designer, collector and bibliophile, one of the most influent and well-known Italian in culture and art, these days he  is working on project of the biggest labyrinth in the world, that have place in Fontanellato, near to Parma.  The construction will finish in 2013 on the occasion of the bicentenary of the death of Giambattista Bodoni.

The idea about labyrinth started to materialize in 2004, when Ricci finally leaves his own publishing house. The maze designed by Franco Maria Ricci together with the Turin architect David Dutton, while the building – strictly brick, inspired by the architecture of the French Revolution to Etienne-Louis Boullee – the project with another Parmesan architect  Pier Carlo Bontempi.

Labyrinth size is eight-acre maze, a square of 300 meters per side, three kilometers of tunnels under total plant five meters high. Sixty bamboo of twenty-five different species were acquired both in Liguria and the French Anduze bamboo plantation (but some have come directly from northern China) and in a short time, once planted, more than doubled.

The maze  will be the main attraction of a cultural park open to the public and led by a foundation. In cultural park will be situated also museum, a restaurant, an area for exhibitions and a library where, alongside the art catalogs, will sell delicious italian food.

Four suites furnished with pieces from the Ricci’s collection welcome guests for a fee or authors invited to give lectures at the summer art school, which will come later.


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