Italian Style in Kuwait | Ballin Burlesque 2011
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Ballin Burlesque 2011

Ballin -italian shoes 2011 Burlesque (1)

Ballin introduces its line of shoes in black lace-inspired Burlesque. All the craftsmanship and high quality materials that characterize the creations of the house is perfectly expressed in this line, which interprets the art of seduction through a sophisticated style.

Elegant black lace detailing and paint the same color to define the sensual toe pump shoes with ankle strap and peep toe from the model with high heels. Magazines in a more decollettes the bon ton and the model “tango “, enriched with floral color powder applications.

Ballin -italian shoes 2011 Burlesque (2)

Ballin -italian shoes 2011 Burlesque (3)

Ballin -italian shoes 2011 Burlesque (4)

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