Italian Style in Kuwait | Mario Porzio Italian Jewelllery
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Mario Porzio Italian Jewelllery

Mario Porzio Italian Jewellery (1)

Attention to detail and detail, refined design are the symbol of style and personality of the jewels Mario Porzio.

For those who like to be surprised with a unique and custom jewelry these jewelry mix to perfection and refinement of personality through the use of materials of excellence and selected stones as well as determined the identity of the diamond symbol of ethereal elegance.
For 2011, four collections have been proposed:
Diamond Passion in which the protagonist is the embedding diamond pave characterized by soft lines and brands that enhance the color and purity of the gems.

Chevalier is the other line that allows customization of their jewelry through a combination of precious materials like onyx and mother of pearl with the various shades of gold with white diamonds to embellish or blacks, making each piece a gem.
The Light Fantasy Collection is a line that brings out the strong lines with a combination of enamel separated by white diamonds and blacks.
Tennis Bracelets is the other line that perfectly underlines the excellence of Made in Italy proposed by the Maison.
Jewels classic elegance that through the choice of gemstones allows the wearer to express their personality with ease.

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