Italian Style in Kuwait | Cosmology and the Universe at the Museum of Modern Art in Kuwait
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Cosmology and the Universe at the Museum of Modern Art in Kuwait


Enzo Manara, behind the detail of panel Adam & Eve.

On the Tuesday, 12th of April, exactly in the 50th anniversary of the Internation Space Flight Day at the Museum of Modern Art in Kuwait has opened  the exhibition dedicated to the Universe and the Origin of Life.

Exhibition entitled “Genesis: Informal Universe” with 27 artworks by Italian artist Enzo Manara. He is an interdisciplinary artist with the long experience as project designer and it means that he creates wondeful oil paintings (see – Breathtaking art of Enzo Manara) , but not limited only with this media. In fact in his new exhibitio the artworks in display at the Museum are not only paintings in traditional meaning, some of them 3Dimensional creations on the canvases and wood boards, others are plaster sculptures and even splendid watercolors.


All the art pieces should be considered as unique installation with the conceptual idea where artist explores the formation of the Universe trough different processes of stars formations, aggregations of substances and some of the works has scientifical names as watercolors (below) that’s whay artworks are composition of different materials such as metallic parts, acrylic colors, wood, plaster and even eggshells in the artwork Inception.


(frome left to right) Watercolors: Event Horizon: Red Shift |  Cosmic Aggregation


Sculpture Parallel Universes (Enzo Manara)

Exhibition continues till 22nd of April, 2011. For more information visit

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