Italian Style in Kuwait | Luxury Pen VRossa by Aircraft builder
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Luxury Pen VRossa by Aircraft builder


The VRossa Pecorari of Modena is a luxury pen entirely of titanium, milled from a solid five-axis machines that work on tolerance of two microns, with special hand-enameled by skilled local craftsmen. The release mechanism of the cap and the riveting of haute horlogerie.The origin of the project is Mirco Pecorari, whose profession is intertwined with the air and speed, in a land linked to sports cars with the engines and racing. In his curriculum are the liveries of more than five different aircraft, from racer for speed races in Reno (Nevada) VIP helicopters, through private jets, aerobatic teams and Warbirds.


His signature style exterior and interior of Lightning, a classic mahogany runabout built in Florida. Much experience is reproduced in the design of a writing instrument that recalls the values. Each model is followed directly in the various stages of construction, which involves some of the best workers in Modena. The result is an excellent product that hits the mark.




The sides of the special box are made of aluminum aircraft (Avional T2024), with body in vegetable tanned cowhide leather, stitched entirely by hand. Titanium Pen el’avional the container have not been chemically treated, but polished by hand, respecting traditional work processes, to bring out the play of light metal, without going to affect the shapes.


The design of this limited edition of 23 copies is unique. The parameters that have inspired him come from the streamlining of the ’30s. In the U.S., where he was born, that style is defined as follows: Provide design or with a form That presents very little to drag a flow of air or water, Increasing speed and ease of movement.

The amount of the special series of pieces is equal to the number of pilots of the Italian Air Force Department, High Speed, which shattered the speed record for propeller seaplane. The distinctiveness of the group of sprinters was an eagle with the letter V to the red center, like the one that stands on the pen, sold 14 000 € (leather box / avional included). Each piece is personalized with the serial number and a dedication.







Pecorari Modena web-site

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