Italian Style in Kuwait | Pomellato dreams M’ ama non m’ama
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Pomellato dreams M’ ama non m’ama

Pomellato m'ama non m'ama (1)

Established in 1967 by Pino Rabolini from a family with a long tradition in the jewelry, the Pomellato born to kick off a new concept of jewelry that transcends the traditional characterizations of the precious.

Designed to be worn beyond formal distinctions day / night, forcing the cutting of new contemporary classic, now seen as objects and recognizable personal style.

In the late nineties Rabolini leaves the helm of the company to remain the majority shareholder, Francesco Minoli, leading Pomellato among the first actors in the international segment of the jewelry.

This collection`s name is M’ama Non M’ama (mi ama non mi ama – loves me or not loves me)

Pomellato m'ama non m'ama (2)

Pomellato m'ama non m'ama (3)

Oscar winner Tilda Swinton was a special guest for ad campaign of this collection