Italian Style in Kuwait | Lardini Men Fashion 2011-2012
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Lardini Men Fashion 2011-2012

Lardini Men Fashion (1)

At Pitti Uomo staged from 11 to 14 January in Florence, Lardini presents its new collection autumn-winter 2011/2012 and re-launches as a full men’s real must in season.
The dress of the proposal as a leitmotif for him, fashion is much more than a way of dressing, is a manifestation of their identity and can be worn on any occasion for timeless elegance.

The dress Lardini part of a classic tailoring and construction fees reinterprets the clothing in a contemporary fit with a drier, deconstructed jackets or double breasted two-button slim-fit trousers, and a great attention to detail.

The autumn-winter 2011/2012 season will also see the return of the coat: it is an informal leader, while double-breasted, double if removable fabric printed with tiny patterns (broken string, check, Wales) or solid colors to contrast; while the classic is renewed with smaller lapels and horn buttons.

With regard to the collection Lardini Why Not  every garment is treated with manual intervention such as spraying the slip-off of color or texture of the fabric: jackets, coats, suits are tailored from the leaders, am unique and personalized way to express the own life and identity.

As for fabrics Lardini rediscovers the materials of the early twentieth century reinterpreted through modern processes and, thus, a solid debut with soft flannel or imagination, English and Italian wools and vintage details like brass buttons.

Finally, the colors for the coming winter season are shades of gray, blue and brown, interspersed with mottled colors and natural.

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