Italian Style in Kuwait | Bulgari Serpenti
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Bulgari Serpenti


The collection “Serpenti” (snakes) of Bulgari is enhanced this year with five new references, including a precious rose gold version with seven laps entirely new and original. It ‘s the first time, in fact, that the shirt tubogas which is made of the cuff reaches the exceptional length of 7 laps of the wrist, an extraordinary achievement for a company with excellent know-how.

To achieve that requires 35 meters of wire mesh, all strictly handmade and seamless, according to an exclusive process that makes metal so supple that it can be worn on the wrist like a second skin.
In addition to this extraordinary watch, other innovations include the introduction of the 2011 collection of yellow gold, two references, respectively, one and two laps, and two new references steel always the version with two laps with and without diamonds. The precious versions have 38 brilliant-cut decorative elements on the bezel, for a total of 0.29 carats.

All new timepieces in this series feature a silver dial with sunburst pattern. The box, shaped like a stylized serpent’s head, is the natural extension of the cuff and has a Swiss quartz movement and custom manufacturing for Bulgari. The crown is formed by a cabochon rubellite pink.

Symbol of immortality and rebirth, the archetype of the snake through the entire history of mankind, from the Neolithic era contemporary. The inexhaustible richness of this representation in the mythological bestiary is an integral and established the stylistic code of the famous Italian fashion house.

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