Italian Style in Kuwait | Alessandro Baronio’s Masks
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Alessandro Baronio’s Masks

Italian artist Alessandro Baronio creates the masks and  through recycling materials. Cleaned, studied in their forms and their yield and finally rethought and adapted. There are several examples of art and money, but its seems to me an interesting approach because it is more traditional.

Always leaving plenty of room to chance, from the turning of the materials created masks of animals, anthropomorphic beings and mythical creatures. The rejection comes back to life through the combination of materials and assembly. Each object has its own story, but then becomes only the detail of a larger picture, just the mask.

Baronio also creates portraits from a distance. Rejected Portraits in the project is made to mail items related to the life of the person to represent that contact via instant messaging and social networks. Slowly comes a representation made with elements of physical and psychological recovery of the subject to be represented.

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