Italian Style in Kuwait | Every year oranges fighting in Ivrea
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Every year oranges fighting in Ivrea


Ivrea is a town in the province of Turin in northwestern Italy.

The town first appears in history as a cavalry station of the army of the Roman Empire, founded in 100 BC and set to guard one of the traditional invasion routes into northern Italy over the Alps. The Latin name of the town was Eporedia.

Orange battle symbolizes rebellion against the inhabitants of Lords tyrants ruling Spanish cities in the Middle Ages. For over nine centuries, inhabitants of the Italian city of Ivrea times a year enjoy the oranges as a weapon in the memory of the legend.
Legend says that once the proud miller’s daughter Violet refused to obey the local magnate, who on her wedding day would use the right of the first night. Bride pushed him from the balcony. The guards pounced on her, but the people stood up for the girl and broke up the guards with stones.

Manifestation celebrate every year, using oranges instead of stones. Locals dress up in medieval costumes and throw themselves into each other with ripe oranges.






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